[ text: ] i assumed you would know

[text] I know nothing when you’re involved.


"At a small fee naturally.”

She laughed, joking at him with a small wink to her shoulder. Scott was just holding onto her uniform and somewhat some hair, as he was stepping on some since her mane of dark black-green hair found itself in every direction it could be in. In this case, like many others, she hardly minded the thought. He wasn’t more than perhaps a three ounces on her right now, and compared to the alien object she placed at about three or four tons, she wasn’t even remotely phased by either weight she was responsible for. Three to four tons was as easy and automated for her as breathing was.

With the kind of teamwork-ship like this was turning out to be with one very small man giving directions to a somewhat less than regular sized woman doing all the heavy lifting with such a sense of humor, it was no surprise how often Ant-Men appeared on teams.

      “The fee’s size changes, actually. Depending on how quantum things are.” It’s not very far to get to where they parked now that they’re going in the right direction, so Scott points out their vehicle.


[ text: ] uh, do you have my pants because i have yours

[text] why do you have my pants


"Didn’t know I’d get all the Ant-Men for this reprise,” she commented back, snickering while the large object she held was carried around with the same effort of someone holding a beach ball leisurely, except in lacking all the playful bouncing around in the actions; the opposite action was taken in consideration with it being to make it move as few times as possible. They still had to get this thing back to the Future Foundation without destroying it or a city block or two. 

      “Yeah, it’s an Ant-Man reunion tour. Tickets are selling at an unbelievable rate.” She-Hulk seemed so relaxed carrying the object, Scott was almost jealous. He could make himself stronger, but it was a lot of strain on his body to use Pym particles like that.


She rolled her eyes scoffing as she kept walking. “Where can I sign up to get the shoulder devil to match? I feel like I’m at some mediation session mixed with a self-help book right now.” She’d joke with him like the unknown object she carried wasn’t potentially some threat.

      “I think Hank’s other successor would be about right for the shoulder devil job. You know, the other Ant-Man.” Maybe that wasn’t entirely fair to O’Grady, but Scott thought the joke worked.


                  ❝ Define buying.


      —you’re not buying any of this story, are you.


"Good call," she quickly added before he got on his call. After a moment, she paused to tap her feet, kick some debris around at her feet until they got word of directions. Having some guidance tell you where to go on your shoulder was a joke once, but now it was real life and perfect.

She made a clicking noise with her teeth in recognition and for affirmation, heading her way that direction. “Allllriiiighty then...”

      She wasn’t the only one who thought of shoulder angels while Scott was giving directions. “It was a good call. This is why you always let your conscious be your guide.”


                      ❝ …Fair point. ❞

      “Thank you.”


                      ❝ I didn’t think you did! …But… I don’t know. You could tell him to shut up. ❞

      “I feel like that wouldn’t work.”