She groaned, the object in her hands almost put up on one hand like a cellphone might be when trying to juggle groceries. She tried not to swear, a habit she developed being around the kids 24/7. “Shhhhhhh-Dammit.” She admitted in a lower tone, rubbing her face and pulling on it after. “I thought you were gonna remember it.”

"Hmmmmm… I got it.” She rested a finger on her communicator in her right ear. “_Darla. You around the ship? We’re bringing back some fun leftovers._

      “Do you want help carrying that thing? Or calling?” Everything here looked precarious. Even if it wasn’t an explosive, Scott didn’t want her dropping the space artifact. Reed would throw a fit about handling science samples.


He would have likely felt her relief in how her shoulders relaxed from their tense strain. It wasn’t to say the object wasn’t probably light, but the relief in knowing from someone like Scott that it wasn’t going to go tick, tick, boom made her relax a bit. It still technically could be a weapon though and that wasn’t a risk she could take. 

"—Great." She looked over to her companion, blessing her enhanced hearing, even if her hearing was always acute, even while not in her ‘perma-green’ She-Hulk form. “Let’s get it over to the jet. Keep on there. Don’t want to lose ya’.” She winked, joking with him, but she had bent down to grab it as lightly as she could, treating it much like the gentle pinching of a feather. Her posture restored to upright, even with large object in front of her, until she adjusted it to be holding it above herself so she could see ahead far better. "Errr… Was it left from here, Scott? Where did we park the thing...”

      “Don’t worry about me. I’ve ridden Hawkeye’s arrows to jump on rockets. I think I can handle this.” He tightened his grip none the less. “Um… I think it was right? I’m not sure. I thought you were gonna remember it.”


Beginning a charge with ease, she would have given him a pat on the back if she could with what would have had to been the finger tip of her pinkie. That was a terrible idea though. Instead, she sprinted over— sprinted being used to describe how light the manner of running she took it as.

"—Nominal, Scottie. Setting course to orbit over that thing.” She pointed towards a small, odd subject of rubble. It was slightly bigger than a soccer mom’s van with slightly less fear of the contents, speaking if the contents weren’t piles of dropped, stale and forgotten french fries among other food objects and broken toys. A glance at her smaller companion confirmed he was still there, but showed her slight concern about jarring this metallic object loose so quickly.

"Scott, can you give that a quick, uh… scan. I don’t want it taking this building out so close to the school around here because something clicked together very, very badly.”

      “Right. Scanning now.”

      Scott pulled out the device he’d pulled from the Baxter building and pointed it at the object. “No radiation, so we’ve got that going for us. Hold on.” He waited for the scanner to scan for a bit longer. “It’s probably extraterrestrial in origin, but I’m not getting any signs that it will explode. We should get it to the Baxter Building.”


Where’s the devil on my shoulder that’s supposed to tell me to squish him? Though to his tiny little motions, she sighed lightly and got a move on.

Best hold on, Scottie.” She even tried mimicking the engineer in reference’s accent.

      “Giving it all it’s got, captain.” Scott crouched to grip her shirt, smiling a little in appreciation of her reference.


She brushed her hair back gently, remembering her slight shoulder movements meant he had to work harder to stay balanced. She muttered a quick, neutral 'Oh sorry, Scott' before she continued. “Yeah, no. We should definitely look into that.” 

She bit and flicked out her bottom lip from her teeth and had a cautiously soft nod to herself.

      He gestured in an after you sort of way, to indicate that she really should make with the forward movement here. “Waiting on you here, Jen.”


Maturely, she returned a sneering face with shoulders hunched before breaking the playing around and snickering at him.

      He crouched a little to keep his balance while she had her laugh. “Maybe we should look into that thing.”


"It’s good." He smiled, taking a seat beside the man’s desk. "Billy sends his regards. I won’t hold you up too long, I just wanted to give this to you in person." He handed Scott a white envelope with his name printed in red cursive. Although most of the wedding invitations were printed, Teddy felt like they should try to give out as many in person as possible.

      Scott blinked and took the envelope to open it and peek inside. “Oh.” He smiled. “Well, thanks. And congratulations. And good luck.” Was that too many ands?

"Maybe what I really wanted was to prove that I could do things right." biggerandlittler

      “And you can, Cassie.”

hulksdontdoweak replied to your post “Something feels funny.”

She darted a confused look towards him, directly questioning his phrasing back about ‘ant senses’.

      He shrugged like what? never heard someone crack wise before?

"Something feels funny." hulksdontdoweak

      “My ant senses are tingling, yeah.”